The boys don't like skinny girls

The Westlife boys have revealed that they think the size zero craze is stupid and don’t find skinny women attractive.

‘A girl who is naturally slim is one thing, but a girl who starves herself to be skinny is awful,’ says Kian Egan. ‘It doesn’t look nice.’

Bandmate Shane Filan agrees: ‘There’s nothing worse than a girl who doesn’t fill her jeans. Voluptuous is better.’

Nicky Byrne reckons the cult of scrawny models is ‘stupid’ and Mark worries that teenagers are trying to emulate showbiz’s troubled souls.

‘The celebrities women aspire to look like are all in rehab and far too thin,’ Mark Feehily tells Sunday.

‘Girls like Amy Winehouse are a mess! These girls are idolised because they’re addicted to drugs and are way too thin. It’s disgusting.’