Trip to chip shop results in all kinds of drama for Conor Maynard, Rizzle Kicks and Professor Green! What will One Direction say?

Normally when we read about pop star feuds, fall outs and dramas – they tend to originate from exclusive London night clubs, lavish hotel suites and twisted love triangles.

This week however, a story so ridiculous and unexpected resulting in death threats to Professor Green, Conor Maynard and Rizzle Kicks was born in the most unlikely place of a chip shop in the village of Sneinton.

Where’s that you ask? Somewhere near Nottingham according to Google.

After taking a brief break from music, Conor was down Giorgios Plaice chip shop serving up kebabs, curries and all kinds of delights to the Sneinton Dale locals as part of Channel 4 series Stars At Your Service.

With one local saying, ‘I wouldn’t say I’m a huge fan of Conor, but it’s very exciting’ – how lovely!

However, it wasn’t until Conor tweeted a shot of him in his apron by a sack of potatoes that all internet hell let loose.

Pal Professor Green jokingly replied that Conor had enrolled in a ‘Bieber bakery school‘ referencing Conor‘s previous comparisons to the much more successful star.

Conor then replied, ‘OMG! I can’t believe Eminem just tweeted me!‘ joking about Pro‘s rap successor.

As fans then got involved and the LOLz spread far and wide across the Twittersphere – Pro Green suggesting they start a parody boy band titled #WrongDirection quickly killed all laughter as he broke the number one unspoken rule of Twitter:

Thou shalt take the One Direction name in vain. 

Unsure whether the stars were mocking Harry Styles and the One Direction lads or not, Directioners around the world didn’t quite sense the humour behind the comments as they began spamming angry faced emoji’s into both Pro and Conor‘s mentions.

Rizzle Kicks then naming themselves ‘Barry Styles’ in the imaginary pop parody boy band whilst Conor suggesting the groups first single should be titled Worst Song Ever made the whole situation even more awks for the stars as the angry faced emoji’s quickly turned to death threats.

‘Kill yourselves’ one angry fan wrote whilst tagging Pro, Conor and the Rizzle’s in the tweet. Nasty!

While fans then continued sending the guys barrages of abuse, Pro tweeted ‘I think we’re in trouble guys’ basically summed the whole drama up!


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