Caroline Flack might have found herself a new younger man...

It’s been two days since The Brit Awards and it seems the scandal isn’t ready to stop anytime soon.

Moving on from Madonna  cape-falling and Kanye‘s Ofcom complaints, Caroline Flack, 35, is now stealing the spotlight after seemingly confirming her new romance with The 1975 front man Matt Healy.

Not only is the 25-year-old quite the rock god, he’s also Denise Welch‘s son and a close friend of Cazza’s ex Harry Styles.


A follow party-goer revealed to Now that flirty Flack, who won Strictly Come Dancing in December, was spotted ‘all over Matt’ before sharing a ‘kiss’ as they left the Warner Music afterparty around 4am on Thursday morning.

Although they headed in separate directions, it was probably for the best as it seems Caroline had partied a little too hard.

‘She was like a teen that had just learnt to drink,’ our insider told us. ‘She was spilling drinks, dropping her phone and even started grinding and groping a female friend before moving over to Matt.’

Hmm! Hungover much, Caroline?

Despite their 10 year age gap, this isn’t the first time Caroline’s love of a younger man has caused controversy after her brief relationship with Harry Styles who’s 15 years her junior in 2012.

And just to make this all a little more weird, Matt was also romantically linked to another of Harry’s former lady friends last year in the form of Taylor Swift.

It is nice that Caroline is smiling again though following her December break up with music manager Jack Street following their 18 month relationship.

We say, good luck! They make a super hot couple.

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