Dan spots his pregnant girlfriend in the supermarket

Dan Osborne clearly loves a bit of banter with his girlfriend Jacqueline Jossa.

The TOWIE star couldn’t help taking a picture when he spotted EastEnders star Jacqueline, 22, on the cover of a magazine at the supermarket yesterday and made a joke as he posted the photo online.

‘Who’s this munter in ASDA? 😂 @jacjossa 😘,’ Dan, 23, quipped to his Twitter fans.

Cheeky! We know that Dan adores pregnant Jacqueline, who is expected to give birth to their baby within the next few weeks, so we’re sure she saw the funny side of his wisecracking.

Some followers thought Jacqueline should get her own back though.

‘Give him a slap @jacjossa 😉 xx,’ one teasingly suggested.

Another jokingly commented: ‘u rotter x’

Many fans think the light-hearted banter between Dan and Jacqueline is pretty adorable.

‘ahhh I love u two as a couple ! ☺️💖,’ an admirer Tweeted.

One fan scribed: ‘i think its cute n u gota have banter in a relationship’

It’s not the first time that Jacqueline and Dan have poked fun at each other.

Last week the couple enjoyed a fun evening out at a pool club and Jacqueline reTweeted a hilarious video of Dan shouting at his opponent during a game.

Dan is seen yelling ‘focus’ across the table whilst trying to concentrate on aiming his cue.

‘At the pool club last night.. Some people just need to be told! @TheRock … #FOCUS,’ Dan captioned the clip on Twitter.

We think it’s so sweet how much time Jacqueline and Dan have been spending together recently as they await the birth of their first child together.

Over the weekend Jacqueline proudly watched Dan’s final panto performance in Jack And The Beanstalk at Liverpool’s Epstein Theatre and spoke of how much she enjoyed the show.

‘Watching @DannyO and the others in panto for the last time!! #proud!’ the actress Tweeted.

‘Well done to everyone !!’

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