Kate's got a special New Years Eve date!

Festive holiday plans can often be the make or break of any new relationship, especially when you’ve been married once already.

But for Kate Moss it’s no big issue, our fave Croydon clotheshorse is set to spend New Years Eve with her new squeeze and his MUM!

She’ll jet off to Brazil, to see in the new year in style—jel!

Her boyf Nikolai von Bismarck, 28, has been hot on the scene since October when he was snapped leaving her North London pad.


What beauty brand do Kate Moss, Fearne Cotton and Millie Mackintosh all LOVE?

She only split from husband Jamie Hince, 47, in April but here at Now towers we smell a whiff of ‘forever’…here’s our six reasons Nikolai and Kate are for realz….

He’s pally with her mates…

The count first set the rumour mill alight when he was spotted having lunch with Kate, Meg Matthews and Sadie Frost at a Cotswold pub near her Gloucestershire hangout in October. Insiders said that they partied all weekend.


‘Nikolai has clothes at both of Kate’s houses, and although he hasn’t moved in permanently, he seems pretty comfortable there,’ a source said.

‘They were together all weekend, and it was like she had moved on and Jamie had been forgotten.’

He gets on with her daughter

Before the pair went official, Nikolai was hiding out in her basement with her daughter and staff. What!?

But we guess that means he gets on with 13-year-old Lilah Grace, not that we’ve ever stayed in a basement for a prolonged period of time.

‘A lot of people know Kate has been seeing a lot of Nikolai, but she’s never been this open,’ a pal said at the time.

‘Their relationship is pretty intense and he has been virtually living at her London home, but has been staying in the basement quite a lot.’

She gets on with his mum…

Kate originally met Nikolai through his mum, the Countess Debonnaire. She regularly holds parties for the Delevignes, Jaggers and Princess Beatrice at her £7m house. (Low key then!?)

Couples who spa together, stay together?

It has barely been three months and the new couple are already plodding round in fluffy robes and flip flops. Croydon Kate dragged her other half off to LifeCo Clinic in Bodrum for a 500 quid facial. A vampire facial. Okay….

He can take a good selfie!

As a photographer he has worked for top photographer Annie Leibovitz and late fashion editor Isabella Blow. Kate’s a model, he’s a snapper…what more could you want?

Holiday fling? Definitely not!

The couple snuck off to Mustique for a secret week long break and on Kate’s return her ring was nowhere to be seen. It’s official. They are on, forevez.


Benjamin Potter