Harry Styles and his One Direction bandmate express their 'fears' over the infamous hacker

Just when we thought we’d seen the last of the infamous iCloud celebrity hacker, it appears he could be about to hit the headlines once again with a new victim.

Since August the hacker has so far released over 500 intimate and intrusive stolen photographs across four sessions, with celebrities including Jennifer LawrenceKim Kardashian and Kaley Cuoco.

And the latest star fearing they could be exposed is none other than One Direction‘s Harry Styles. Or at least he jokes he is.

During an interview yesterday on BBC Radio 1, Harry explained his concerns to Scott Mills when quizzed about the hacking scandal.

‘I recently landed at an airport and walked outside and this dude with a video camera was like, “have you got any nudes on the iCloud?” And I was like, “yeah, loads”.’

A comment which obviously stunned everyone in the studio, including band mate Niall Horan who asked if he was being serious.

Although Harry then replied with a stern ‘no’, we’re not quite sure what to believe as he then went on to disclose how easy it is to hack the cloud yourself!

‘The iCloud is the only thing left where the security thing is questions like “what’s your mothers maiden name” so people can just Google the answers pretty easily.’

Louis Tomlinson wasn’t one to keep quiet on the intrusive iCloud controversy either.

‘I did have the iCloud set up, but only for my calendars. So the only thing they could get would have been my calendars. But since the hack, it’s a no no!’

We don’t blame you Louis – even if your calendar was to leak, we’re sure that’d cause all kinds of chaos as crazed fans would be following your every move.

Back to the original point of this story though, does Harry really have naughty nudes floating around online, or was he joking?

We hope for his sake it’s the latter!

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