We're VERY jealous of Kelly Brook's amazingly youthful (and all natural) face


Kelly Brook has been looking enviably gorgeous since moving to Los Angeles to star in new sitcom One Big Happy and her healthy lifestyle certainly seems to be paying off.

The curvy 35-year-old was feeling confident enough to take an age test on her skin this week to see how it compares with her real age – brave girl!

When she reported back on Instagram, we were bowled over by the incredible result. Kel‘s skin is only a whopping 10 YEARS younger than she is!

‘I’m obsessed with Clean wrinkle free skin,’ Kelly told her followers. ‘I Just did the Dr Lancer age test and all those yes of staying out the Sun paid off :))

‘I’m 35yrs and the Machine rated me 25yrs #NoBotox #NoFillers #HealthyDiet #CleanLiving #GreatSkin #NoFilter #DrLancer #Dermotologist 👍’

Well done, Kelly! Just when we thought we couldn’t get any more jealous, the actress added a make-up free selfie to show off her glowing and youthful face. Stunning!

We’re not the only ones who are impressed. Kelly‘s fans were just as amazed and praised the British star for her radiant skin.

‘Well I must say it’s working,’ one commented on her regime.

Another admirer thought she could pass for even YOUNGER than 25, writing: ‘Wow, But you are looking like 18 years.😜@iamkb’

Kelly really seems to have taken to life stateside over the past few months. The model-turned-actress who is currently starring in new sitcom One Big Happy in the US has been working out a lot and is rocking a VERY hot body as a result.

She recently revealed that she’s lost three inches from her waist but thankfully she has retained her famous curves – yay!

As well as sticking to an exercise regime, Kelly has been following the New Atkins Nutritional Approach diet and acts as an ambassador for the plan.

Kelly‘s definitely doing something right to take a whole decade off her age!

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