Don't worry Michelle Keegan, we THINK Mark is joking

We’re not sure Michelle Keegan will be too pleased with Mark Wright‘s latest idea for their wedding.

The Strictly Come Dancing hunk, 28, wants to play COMPUTER GAMES on their big day. Well, according to a funny snap he re-Tweeted on Tuesday anyway.

The photo sees a couple of newlyweds clutching their controllers as they play a football game. While the groom grins happily, the bride looks a little less impressed.

The original picture was captioned: ‘Post-marriage goals’ but Mark cheekily added the personal message: ‘@michkeegan take note 👍👌👊😉.’

Eek. As one fan commented: ‘are you going stand for that Michelle keegan 💁.’

We don’t think she would! Luckily for the ex-Coronation Street actress, 27, we’re pretty sure Mark is joking.

In fact, he’s left it up to Michelle to plan the majority of their upcoming nuptials.

As Michelle revealed last year, Mark would have gone for a rather, er, extravagant ceremony if he’d been in charge.

‘Imagine! It would be so theatrical. He likes to do things big. It would be a massive wedding. He’d probably fly everyone out to Las Vegas,’ she said.

While Mark was busy travelling the country on the Strictly tour last week, Michelle found a bit of time between meetings and auditions to sort out some final details.

However, Mark understandably wanted to give his opinion on something VERY important – the food!

Despite both having such hectic schedules, he and his stunning fiancée managed to hook up a couple of days ago to decide on their menu.

‘We had a meeting with our wedding planner on Monday and signed off on some of the finer points of the day,’ Michelle wrote in her Hello! blog. ‘We also did some food tasting which was the BEST part of the day. By farrrrrr!’

Guys, stop making us so excited!

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