Ri-Ri takes sexy snaps to pass the time


Rihanna posted several hot pictures on Instagram yesterday simply to while away the time.

The singer got bored on a video shoot in Thailand so she decided to occupy herself by taking selfies, starting off with a brave make-up free shot of her face.

What now?Ri-Ri, 25, captioned the picture.

After getting glammed up the sexy star posed in a low-cut black dress and wrote: ‘Chillin on set! #WhatNow

Still not satisfied, an increasingly bored Rihanna then simply took a snap of one of her long toned legs.

She. x Boredom,’ the songstress posted.

The tedium finally came to an end when the shoot – for Ri-Ri’s upcoming single What Now – eventually wrapped at 11am the next day.

Rihanna didn’t seem fazed by the long process though and shared her excitement about the video on Twitter.

The local crew here in Thailand are epic!’ the singer Tweeted this morning.

They pulled this shit off like it was nothing! Thank you!! #teamnosleep #whatnow

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