The TOWIE star has interviewed the UKIP leader and it turns out they have more in common than you'd think

Joey Essex and Nigel Farage. That’s a duo we never thought we’d see hanging out and chatting about things like vajazzles. But yes, this actually happened!

Joey is currently filming the ITV2 mini-series Educating Joey Essex, and as part of the show he’s meeting all four of the big political party leaders including Mr Farage.

The pair met on Wednesday in Grimsby to talk all things politics and after a rather frosty start – with Farage ‘not having a clue’ who Joey was, and Joey probably being his slightly dappy self – it turns out these two have more in common than you would have thought.

Never one to tip toe around a subject, Joey opened his interview with, ‘What’s a vajazzle?’ To which a curt Farage replied, ‘I have no idea.’

Things weren’t much better with the second question either, when Joey tried to get a rise out of Farage by asking if getting a Joey Essex tan would make up part of his pre-election grooming regime.

Farage replied, ‘it’s one of the things I haven’t got round to yet’.

But after that slightly awkward start, the pair did, eventually, find something to talk about and, in fact, they have more in common that you’d think – a secret love of fish.

Before finding fame on TOWIE, Joey worked at London’s famous fish market in Billingsgate. And Nigel Farage, 51, as it turns out, is a keen fisherman who loves angling trips to the Kent coast and has even written a column for a fishing magazine. Yes, really!

‘One thing I can fit in to my working life is shore fishing because I can do it at night,’ Farage said.

‘I might have had a busy day in London, but I might nip down to the coast and have three or four hours through to the early hours of the morning fishing.’

Who’d a thought it?

Joey, 24, as most of you know, is the ex-TOWIE star, who only recently learnt to tell the time on the watches he wears on his ankle. And Nigel is the controversial leader of UK Independence Party, who’s currently trying to convince the country to vote for him come the general election on 7 April.

Hum… so can we see Joey and Nigel taking on the high seas together? Well Joey did call Nigel ‘reem’ after their meeting so, y’never know!

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