Now joins Gaz Beadle, Holly Hagan, Scotty T, Marnie Simpson and the cast of Geordie Shore for their 5th birthday celebrations in Newcastle...

It’s 4.30pm and Now has joined the cast of Geordie Shore – past and present – to celebrate the 5th birthday of the outrageous MTV reality show with some dinner and a tour of Newcastle’s finest bars and clubs.

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Aaron Chalmers, James Tindale, Gary Beadle and Scott Timlin

Scotty T, Gaz Beadle, Holly Hagan, Marnie Simpson, Chloe Ferry and the entire cast of Geordie Shore are ready to get mortal – first stop, Sophie Kasaei’s family restaurant, Mambo, in South Shields.

‘Shots, shots, shots!’ and ‘Let’s get mortal’ can be heard from the street where fans of the Geordie crew have gathered outside for autographs and pictures with their local heroes. Now watches as cars toot their horns and stop in the middle of the road for a photo with Celebrity Big Brother winner Scotty T.

The cast of Geordie Shore

THEN: The original cast of Geordie Shore

The cast tuck into delicious kebabs and chips, glasses of prosecco and spirits and an impressive huge cake with individual statues of every single member of Geordie Shore throughout the years – in bed together. Ahem…

And it’s not long until the party kicks off in true Geordie Shore style as within minutes of lining their stomachs the gang have taken to the floor and are showing off their best dance moves while Scotty T DJ’s…

At 9pm a hummer pulls up outside and the cast pile in to begin our Tash On Tour of Newcastle. Watch our video to see the wild antics that go on inside a Geordie Shore pub crawl… You won’t believe your eyes!

Watch Geordie Shore: Big Birthday Battle, 10pm, 10th May, MTV

Amy Brookbanks