The Corrie actress is out on the town partying - again - while her other half Jamie Lomas stays quietly at home


Partying again in Manchester last weekend, Kym Marsh looked like a woman half her age.

Wearing a sparkly miniskirt and low-cut top that showed off her new boobs, Coronation Street star Kym, 33, hit town with a vengeance.

A friend tells us: ‘Kym says she’s insecure, but she’s always the centre of attention on these nights out. Filming on Corrie can last for up to 12 hours a day and her way of letting her hair down is to go out and have a good time.

‘Since she had liposuction and a boob job, she’s much more confident about showing off her body. A lot of the time she’ll be out with much younger co-stars – like Helen Flanagan, who’s only 19 – but she’s set on keeping up with them.

‘As well as a chance to let their hair down after a long week at work, it makes her feel better about herself. It’s good for her self-image, so she’s usually the one on the phone making it happen the next time.’

Kym’s had a few wild nights out recently. While she’s throwing herself into the celebrity circuit more than ever, frequenting hotspots such as The Circle Club, Ithaca and The Living Room, fiancé Jamie Lomas, 29, is taking a more of a back seat.

The past few months leading up to his exit from Hollyoaks have left him exhausted.

‘My final storyline was so hectic. It was a completely emotionally draining time,’ he tells Now. ‘I really gave it my all.’

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