Five reasons for Brangelina to split


1. Brad Pitt hates Angelina Jolie‘s public displays of affection

‘While he and Angelina appeared together at the 2009 Oscars, Brad doesn’t want to go through that 
again while he’s trying to leave her, so he’s cancelled his appearance at next month’s Academy Awards,’ 
says our source.

2. Brad‘s drinking and smoking

Angelina hates his circle of friends and thinks Brad needs to grow up and accept his responsibilities, whereas he hankers after the days when he could enjoy barbecues and beers with pals, which he regularly did with ex-wife Jennifer Aniston.

‘She hates the fact that he’s still like a big kid and wants to go out drinking with the boys from time to time,’ adds the source.
3. Angelina‘s brother’s meddling

James has been the third person in their relationship, with his sister Angelina demanding that he plays an active role in the children’s lives, much to Brad‘s annoyance, especially as James has pushed the family into the limelight with his loose tongue.

Over the past two years, he’s talked to the media about many subjects, including the kids’ welfare, their relationship and Brad‘s personality.

Last year, he spoke of the bond between the two siblings, saying: ‘Angelina and I are orphans, too, in a way. When you see those kids in orphanages, they cling to each other.’

4. Brad‘s family

His mum Jane shares a close connection with Jen, which can’t be said for Angelina, who she’s hardly ever spent time with because Ange has refused to become an active part of the Pitt family.

‘Jane feels like Ange thinks her family are a set of hillbillies. There’s never been much love lost, but she wouldn’t want the family to disband without an amicable arrangement,’ adds a source.
5. Angelina wants to adopt again 

Six kids are enough for Brad, but that’s only the beginning for Angelina. She’s looked at adopting in Syria and China. Her brother James says: ‘There’s no limit to the children she and Brad are adopting.’

But our source warns: ‘If she’s adopting again, it’ll be alone. Brad wants nothing to do with it.’

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