Danielle's cheeks reveal the damage done by the sun

We all know baking in the sun is bad – but did you know that it seriously ages you?

As part of our Smart Girls Fake It campaign, 28-year-old Danielle Lloyd agreed to put her skin to the test.

‘When I was a teenager, I’d lie in the sun smothered in baby oil and use a sunbed twice a week,’ Danielle admits.

‘Having a tan was the “in” thing – the darker the better.

‘I’d often get burnt, but I never worried about skin cancer – it just wasn’t something we thought about.

‘It was only after I had my kids [Archie, 2, and Harry, 1] that my attitude changed.

‘If I want to be brown now, I use a fake tan – it only takes five minutes in a salon.

‘I don’t want to get skin cancer or end up looking like those old women I see on holiday who’ve obviously sat in the sun lots and ended up with skin that’s wrinkled and leathery.

‘So this summer I’ve been using SPF50 on my face and SPF30 all over my body.’


The Expert Analysis

Dr Shazia Siddiqi says:

‘She has quite a high grade of sun damage. Her skin age is 34 on her cheeks.’

See more celebrities expose their skin for our Smart Girls Fake It campaign in Now magazine dated 20 August 2012 – out now!


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