Have you ever wondered what your favourite stars really weigh? From Rihanna to Posh, Rita to J-Lo, here’s where celebs sit on the scales!

Have you ever wondered what your favourite stars really weigh? Well NOW has the answer!

Victoria Beckham

AGE: 41 Size: 4-6 Height: 5ft 4in Weight: 7st 8lb
Her waist is reported to be 23in, meaning she has to have 24in jeans tailored to fit. ‘You know, I eat very healthily,’ says Victoria. ‘I eat lots of fish, vegetables, and fruit. I work out every day, six or seven days.’

Rita Ora

AGE: 24 Size: 6-8 Height: 5ft 5in Weight: 8st 6lb
She does spin classes and ballet-based Barrecore. ‘I don’t work out every day, but I try to do as much as I can because the thing is I love to eat so, you know, you have to balance it out,’ Rita says. She loves fresh coconut and seaweed crisps.


AGE: 27 Size: 8 Height: 5ft 8in Weight: 8st 7lb
Ri-Ri works out with personal trainer Harley Pasternak five days a week. ‘Rihanna prefers to run on a treadmill. She likes to do a lot of cardio to keep her weight down, including jumping jacks, stationary jogging, rope skipping and cycling,’ he says.

Amy Schumer

AGE: 34 Size: 10 Height: 5ft 7in Weight: 11st 4lb
Comedian Amy’s proud of her curves and refuses to diet, Tweeting: ‘I’m a size 6 [UK 10] and have no plans of changing. This is it!’ She added: ‘It’s very therapeutic for me to be like: “I’m not going to look like a malnourished bird.”


Jennifer Lopez

AGE: 46 Size: 8 Height: 5ft 5in Weight: 9st
J-Lo works hard to keep in shape. ‘I do my workouts with the Tracy Anderson Method,’ she says. ‘Sometimes when I get home and I’m not feeling so great, I make myself go to the gym. Then I come home and feel great about myself.’

Taylor Swift

AGE: 25 Size: 6 Height: 5ft 10in Weight: 8st 5lb
Forget cheat days – Tay has cheat weekends! ‘During the week, I try to eat healthily – salads, yogurt and sandwiches. No sugary drinks,’ she says. ‘But on the weekends, all bets are off. I lovea burger and fries and I love ice cream so much.’

Katie Hopkins

AGE: 40 Size: 10 Height: 5ft 8in Weight: 9st
Having put on – and lost – 3st for a documentary, ‘anti-fat’ Katie practises what she preaches. ‘I run about seven miles three times a week for an hour,’ she’s told Now. ‘I don’t love food. It’s just fuel for me to keep going. I just graze throughout the day.’

Ferne McCann

AGE: 25 Size: 12 Height: 5ft 8in Weight: 10st
After tearing two ligaments in her leg this summer, Ferne went up a dress size, telling Now: ‘I’ve never been bigger but I’ve never felt better. I’m the fittest I’ve ever been – I can run further and train longer. I like feeling fit rather than thin.’

Rebel Wilson

AGE: 35 Size: 18-20 Height: 5ft 3in Weight: 14st 10lb
‘I do eat healthily for a week and then I go, nah, they have these beautiful ice-cream sandwiches,’ Rebel says. ‘I don’t think my emotional eating is ever going to change. I just am who I am.’

Gemma Collins

AGE: 34 Size: 18 Height: 5ft 9in Weight: 18st
Yo-yo dieter Gemma recently lost 3st on a £5,000-per-week month-long retreat run by ‘juice master’ Jason Vale. Determined to drop from a size 20 to a 14, Gemma’s now on track. ‘She realises crisps are the cause of the problem,’ says Jason.

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