Eddie Redmayne might have scooped awards for playing Stephen Hawking in The Theory Of Everything but he's not convinced by his own talents

Pretty much everybody who has seen The Theory of Everything is raving about Eddie Redmayne. The actor’s performance as Professor Stephen Hawking has wowed viewers as well as earning him countless award nominations.

But one person not convinced by his talents is, erm, Eddie. The 33-year-old star admits that he lacks self-belief but was determined to get the role.

‘I don’t have a massive amount of faith in myself,’ he explains. ‘But I do have a competitive edge, so I was, like, “Yeah – yeah! I’m gonna try for that!”

‘And eventually I got it, and I was, like, “YEAH!” – and then… argh! Complete terror.’

Eddie needn’t have worried, of course, given the success of the movie and his portrayal of the physicist, who suffers from motor neurone disease.

It sounds like the actor’s lack of confidence plays up during his interactions with people. He admits that he ‘hates silence’ and often suffers from ‘verbal diarrhoea’, something which affected him during one of his first meetings with Stephen, 73.

Eddie pointed out that their January birthdays are within two days of each other and then started talking about star signs – awkward!

‘We’re both Capricorns!’ Eddie recalls he said during the chat, causing Stephen – who communicates through a speech-generating electronic device – to reply: ‘I am an astronomer. Not an astrologer.’

‘And I thought, “God, Stephen Hawking thinks the guy playing him thinks he is a Shelley von Strunckel,’ the actor quips. ‘This is a disaster!’

Poor Eddie! Being prone to embarrassing verbal gaffes probably explains why the British star stays off Twitter, a form of communication he thinks he would find awkward.

‘I guess you struggle enough to be present in the world at all,’ Eddie tells The Sunday Times.

‘When I was younger, I tried to write a diary, and I felt so self-conscious – who am I writing this for? I’m clearly not writing it for myself.

‘I think, with Tweeting, I’d be horrific. I’d always be looking down, asking, “Is this the version that I want?”‘

The only time Eddie ventured onto Twitter was to do the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge ‘with a pal’ who has an account – and that only tuned out to be Jamie Dornan! We’d love to see these two Tweeting together again in the future…

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Anna Francis