Royal commentator Robert Jobson has the answers to all our baby Cambridge questions

One baby is born every minute in the UK but when it comes to the Royal Family things are very different.

Insider Robert Jobson, author of William & Kate: The Love Story, tells us what to expect over the next six months – and beyond…

How are Prince William, 30, and Kate Middleton, 30, preparing for parenthood?

Both William and Kate will rely heavily on her mum Carole Middleton. She’ll be extremely hands-on.

What kind of parents will they be?

Very traditional and middle-class. Despite William being a royal he’s extremely down-to-earth.

They’ll want to replicate the way Diana brought up her two boys.

This will the first baby born to a ‘commoner’.

What does it mean?

While all other members of the Royal Family married aristocrats, Kate‘s a true ‘commoner’, a descendent of coal miners.

The baby will be a representative monarch of the people. There was another one, though. Anne Hyde, a daughter of a lawyer, married James II in 1660.

It was highly controversial at the time because she was heavily pregnant when she walked down the aisle.

What will the Palace be like during Kate’s pregnancy?

Kensington Palace will become a 24-hour medical centre where doctors will come and go undetected.

Kate will scale back her duties but not give them up.

Will they stay in London, return to Anglesey or go to her parents’?

She’ll spend most of her time in London as it’s near the hospital. Anglesey’s too remote.

Is Wills getting time off from the RAF to be at her side?

Initially, yes. Then D-day will come, when he’ll need to decide whether to continue in that role.

What’s the protocol for the birth?

Many Royal births have taken place at Buckingham Palace but Kate may choose to have the baby delivered at a hospital, in which case it’s likely to be St Mary’s in Paddington where Wills was born or King Edward VII.

Will Kate have a Caesarean?

That’ll depend on any medical complications and will be decided nearer the time. There’s no protocol for this – it’s a case of what the doctors decide is best for Kate at the time.

Will Wills be allowed to be present at the birth?

He’s a modern Royal and it’ll be up to him.

I’d imagine Kate would want him there. Charles wasn’t present when William and Harry were born – and I can’t imagine Prince Philip wanted to be there!

What title will the baby have?

Prince or Princess.

How do they announce the birth to the public?

The traditional way is to pin a note on the gates of Buckingham Palace. That will still happen,
but it’ll also be announced on the Clarence House or Buckingham Palace websites.

Will the Queen visit Kate while she’s in hospital?

No, she’s the great-grandmother. It’ll probably be the baby’s grandparents Charles and Camilla and Carole and Michael.

Are there any rules about what baby products they can buy?

Every company in the world will want Kate and William to use their baby products. To control this, there will be royal warrants – if not, bidding for them will be going on now.

Who will they get gifts from?

Everyone from 10 Downing Street, the White House and heads of state to people on the street.

There’s no tradition for what they should buy. The couple keep everything they’re given.

What will they name the baby?

The child will get four or five names – William’s full name is William Arthur Philip Louis. Philip and Charles have already been mentioned.

If it’s a girl,rest assured Diana will be one of them.

When and if that child becomes King or Queen, they can select any name they like.

Where will the christening be?

Buckingham Palace, normally, rather than a church.

Who will be godparents?

Harry and Pippa will probably be chosen. William has five godparents.

He has one goddaughter Grace Van Cutsem.

He’s also godfather to Prince Konstantine Alexios, the baby son of Crown Prince and Princess Pavlos of Greece.

Will Kate have a nanny?

She’ll probably have two. But it’s a long time since there was a significant royal birth, so any nanny who’s previously worked in the Royal household will have moved on.

All jobs are advertised on the Royal website, so applications will be vetted for security – but the appointment is more likely to be made on recommendation.

William and Kate will interview all the potential nannies personally. 

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