From a wealthy upbringing to a Hollyoaks role, we find out what happened to the lady who was ALWAYS out on the party circuit in the Noughties

Millionairess upbringing

Davinia Taylor, 38, was always a natural addition to the infamous Primrose Hill set considering the fact that her father Alan Murphy, is the owner of £200m toilet roll company AM Paper.

Troubled marriage

Davinia, was a firm fixture on the London party scene circa 2003 and was constantly pictured with close pals Kate Moss and Sadie Frost to name but a few. In the same year, Davinia married football agent and best friend of David Beckham, Dave Gardner. But their marriage came to an end in 2010 and Davinia lost custody of her now nine year-old son Grey, due to her well-documented addiction to alcohol and bi-polar disorder.

Battle with depression and alcohol addiction

By her own admission Davinia revealed ‘when it was bad I was having blackouts every night. It wasn’t an indulgence. I drank to survive. It was also revealed that she needed to drink alcohol every 45 minutes. Davinia, who was also diagnosed with pre-natal depression and bi-polar disease, tried to commit suicide. She said: ‘I slit my wrists and sat in the bath and no one came.’ She has now been sober for six years.

New start

With the birth of her second child, Jackson in 2011, Davinia’s life couldn’t be more different. Now clean living, Davinia also opened a hair salon called Taylor Made, which has been taking up a lot of her time, which she also juggles with organised visits with Grey. Speaking of life during her second pregnancy she said: ‘I’ve been taking medication throughout this pregnancy to keep calm. I really believe in that and meditating. I feel like I’ve put my demons behind me.

‘I’m still in touch with Dave and I see my son regularly. We’re a happy, dysfunctional family.’

Return to Hollyoaks

After 18 years, Davinia is reprising her role as Jude Cunningham in the C4 soap Hollyoaks. In a statement released announcing the news she says: ‘I’m thrilled to be going back into Hollyoaks and bringing Jude back. I am desperate to see what on earth she has been doing for the past 18 years and what trouble she will no doubt cause when she returns to the village.’

Lucretia Munro