Remember Return Of The Mack? Of course you do - but what came next for r'n'b bad boy Mark?

Beginnings of the Mack

Mark Morrison had a pretty diverse childhood. He was born in Hannover in 1972 to parents from Barbados, before moving and settling in Leicester as a child – before moving to Miami. Mark, 44, eventually moved back to the UK when he was 19. He burst onto the music scene with legendary track Return Of The Mack in 1996 when he was 24 – and the rest is history.

Oh my god!

Return Of The Mack went multi-platinum and was number one in the UK charts as well as number two in the US Billboard charts. It charted in 16 other countries, including Australia and New Zealand – and to date 30million people on YouTube have had a glimpse of those legendary leather macs. It seems Mark likes to dress to match his name. Mark also charted with ten other singles, and was the first British artist to have top ten hits from a debut album.

Trouble with the law

Although Mark did well in the charts, the police weren’t such a fan of him, and he became as well known for his brushes with the law as he did for his music. But bolshy Mark was quick to defend himself, wearing a fur coat with the t-shirt that said “not guilty” underneath at the Smash Hits Poll Winners Party in 1996 – appearing with dancers dresses as scantily-clad policewomen. Howewer, Mark was charged with trying to bring a firearm on board a plane in 1997, and in 1998 he was convicted of affray in a fight – which resulted in the death of a man – and given community service.

Things get worse…

Mark was sent to prison in Wormwood Scrubs when it was discovered that he’d sent a lookalike to do his community service while he went on tour. Remember those lyrics from Return Of The Mack, “You lied to me”? Er, that. And in 1999 he was convicted of armed robbery when he held up an off-licence. Mark said: “”Whether my trials and tribulations were self-inflicted or not, that debate no longer haunts me,” he says. “What haunts me now is that I have to resurrect myself – number one, as a man, and number two, as an artist. To show that there is a word called redemption, there is a word called forgiveness. I look at my career as boxing, a championship of 12 rounds. And I feel like I’m only halfway through my fight.”

Return to music

Mark made, yes, a Return Of The Mack at the 1999 Brit Awards, introducing Whitney Houston – but has failed to make much of an impact on the UK music industry since then. Mark’s still recording music – and yes, he still has that diamond nose stud going on. Latest single My Life 2.0 features heavyweight rapper Rick Ross – but the song has failed to chart in the UK.