Singer Monica Brown shot to fame in the 90s but what's she up to now?

Early years
She’s best known for her hits Angel of Mine and The Boy is Mine featuring Brandy, the latter winning a Grammy in 1999. Now 37, the singer – full name Monica Arnold – was born in Georgia in October 1980. Her parents split when she was four, and she had little contact with her mechanic father until she became famous. Monica started off singing in the church choir as a toddler. She and her three younger brothers were raised by their mother. The singer revealed, ‘There were nights when my mom didn’t eat so I could.’

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Real-life rivals
The Boy is Mine spent a record-breaking 13 weeks at number 1 in the US, yet rumours were rife that Monica and Brandy couldn’t stand one another. It was alleged they got physical backstage at an MTV Awards rehearsal, with Monica revealing years later that an altercation did occur. She stated that the media always pitched them against each other, ‘We only met when we recorded the song. There was no boy… let it go.’ She added, ‘It’s never been an easy situation, but I would work with Brandy again… the only Grammy either of us own is together, and that’s something special.’

Fatal shooting
In 2000, Monica’s career came to a halt when her boyfriend at the time, Jarvis Weems, put a gun to his head and committed suicide right in front of her. They were visiting his dead brother’s grave when tragedy struck. She later described it as the ‘weakest time’ of her life.

True love at last
The singer met her husband, NBA player Shannon Brown, in June 2010, when he starred in the video to her song Love All Over Me. Monica recalls, ‘That was the first time I had ever laid eyes on him, but I knew it wouldn’t be the last.’ The pair married within just five months of meeting and had daughter Laiyah in 2013. The singer also has sons Rocko, 12, and Romelo, 10, from a previous relationship.

New music
She released her eighth album Code Red in 2015 and has just finished supporting reunited 90s R&B girl band Xscape on their Great Xscape tour.