Ex Coronation Street actress Jacqueline Pirie was also in Emmerdale!

She’s starred in two of the UK’s biggest soaps – Coronation Street and Emmerdale, but what exactly happened to actress Jacqueline Pirie?


The Emmerdale star?

Yes, that’s right! Scottish actress Jacqueline, now 39, played Tina Dingle, the youngest child of Zak and Nellie Dingle. She did a two-year stint on the soap and left on Christmas Eve in 1996.

Wasn’t she in Coronation Street too?

Yes! In 1998, Jacqueline made her Corrie debut as scheming factory machinist Linda Sykes. Although she was only there for two years, her controversial character certainly made an impression and she bagged Best Storyline at The British Soap Awards in 2001.


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What did she do next?

Jacqueline left Corrie in September 2001 after she got pregnant – and reportedly turned down a record-breaking £250,000 two-year contract to return, refusing to film an exit scene and vowing never to work in front of the cameras again. ‘I was overworked. It was 14-hour days, six days a week. On my day off I was learning my lines for next week,’ she said. She also refused a £100,000 magazine deal for the first exclusive pics with her son.


What about her personal life?

In 2000, Jacqueline met fireman Simon Chadwick at a nightclub – and just three months later the pair tied the knot in a secret ceremony at Cameron House Hotel on the banks of Loch Lomond, with two complete strangers as witnesses. Recalling the moment she first met Simon, Jacqueline said: ‘I thought: “Oh my God, he’s lovely.” I asked his name but he didn’t answer and ran away really fast! I called out for him to leave his number at the desk. From there I found him, stalked him and interviewed him. We were married three months later.’ She gave birth to their son Jamie, now 13, in 2001. Jacqueline also has an 18-year-old daughter Alexandra from a previous relationship with convicted criminal Christopher Stone.


So she didn’t ever go back to TV?

No. After a trip to Canada’s west coast in 2008, she and her family upped sticks and moved out there. ‘We were escaping such busy, crazy lives in the spotlight. We were craving quiet,’ she says. ‘You can’t be an actor on Coronation Street and be a normal person. You’re not treated the same way. Your kids aren’t treated the same way.’


What does she do now?

Jacqueline’s opened a chain of 17 performing arts academies across the UK and runs a drama workshop in the coastal village of Campbell River in British Columbia, where she still lives.