The Crocodile Dundee legend, 77, has disappeared from celebsville - and we want to find out what happened to him

Snappy snaps

The world got a tiny bit obsessed with all things crocodile-related back in the 80s and 90s – remember the late Steve Irwin doing his thing with all manner of Aussie beasts? But before him came the 1986 smash hit comedy film Crocodile Dundee. The movie – which was nominated for an Oscar and spawned two sequels – followed an Australian bushman with a penchant for defeating crocodiles and winning the ladies along the way. But what happened to Crocodile Dundee himself, played by Paul Hogan?


Paul and Linda had a real life romance, too

Life imitates art

Well, if you can call Crocodile Dundee art! Paul had been married to Noelene Edwards since 1958 – and even remarried her in 1982 after divorcing her a year earlier. But they split for good in 1986 and Paul wed his on-screen love Linda Kozlowski (who played foxy Sue in the films) in 1990 after they fell in love on set. Paul said: ‘We were opposites and we were attracted to each other for a long time.’ They had a son called Chance together – but they sadly split in 2013.

Moving on

After the split Paul reportedly decided to rid his home of everything in it to do with Linda – including the iconic red dress she wore in Crocodile Dundee. An insider said at the time: ‘Getting rid of her possessions – especially if he’s dumping the red dress that marked the beginning of their love affair – will be the best thing he ever did for himself.’ Ex-wife Linda, now 58, later revealed that although their split was amicable, the pressure of their renowned relationship had been too much for her. She admitted: ‘I lived in Paul’s shadow for many, many years and it’s nice to feel my own light right now.’

Living life out of the limelight

It’s been a while since we saw Paul, now 77, on screen, with his last big film, Crocodile Dundee In Los Angeles, released in 2001. He joked at the time that he was in ‘self-imposed exile’. Maybe it’s time to put that big hat back on, Paul.