Who could forget that Kylie duet?


Shining star 

Sometimes a music star comes out of nowhere, takes the charts by storm and then disappears from view as quickly as they emerged. Remember Taio Cruz? He was famous for a string of hit singles in the late noughties, like Dynamite and Break Your Heart, but we’ve not heard anything from the R&B singer in a little while. So where’s he got to now?

Musical talent 

Taio, 34, was born to a Brazilian mum and a Nigerian lawyer dad in Kensal Rise, London, in 1983. He was born into a life of relative ease, growing up in a five-bedroom house and attending boarding schools in Rugby and Horsham. He got into songwriting before he was a solo artist, penning Your  Game for Will Young in 2004. He then signed his own record deal after he wrote and released his debut single I Just Wanna Know in 2006, which got to number 29 in the UK.

Charting high 

Taio’s star was soon on the rise and he hit No 1 in the UK with his 2009 track Break Your Heart, which featured Ludacris. He also reached No 1 with Dynamite in 2010, and, in the same year he scored a Top 10 hit with Kylie Minogue, Higher. He even scooped three prizes, including Top Hot 100 Song, at the 2011 Billboard Awards. But soon his success started to dip – you could even say that he cruised out of the charts with Fast Car in 2012, which hit, er, number 180.

Where is he now? 

More recently, Taio has been designing his own sunglasses range. And his Instagram account links to a social messaging app called Kewe, which he’s helped to launch. But he’s gone a tad mysterious on us on the music front. His Instagram account, last updated in May, reveals that he’s taking a break from social media. Ooh-er. He wrote: “I’ve taken a break from posting for a while so I can live life and focus on creating some new music, fashion, art and products for you guys… I’ll be back soon.” Sounds like Mr Cruz has his fingers in a lot of different pies…