Remember the long-haired Brazilian man who loved playing the bongos?

The X Factor?
He was the Brazilian with the big hair who played the bongos to Love Shack, an X Factor memory forever etched into our brains. But just where is 
X Factor eccentric Wagner Carrilho now and what on earth is he up to?


Well, luckily for us, he’s still rocking the signature silver locks – but not without a little surgical helping hand. In an interview with This Morning last year, the now 61-year-old explained he’s been busy. ‘At 
my age, I have had two hair transplants, I have hair on my bald head and I have had a 
knee operation,’ he said.

Video killed the  radio star
And while he’s still performing the odd gig, he spends most of his time, and makes most of his money, recording personalised video messages. ‘I work seven days a week. I sell personalised videos on Facebook,’ he revealed. ‘[For example] “Happy birthday”, “Congratulations on your new job”, or a song – “Sex bomb, sex bomb..!”’ If you want him to wish a pal Happy Birthday for you, it’ll set you back a modest £8.50. For £15 he’ll even sing it for you. He’s also open to negotiation and ideas. So that’s Christmas sorted then. “I have a hundred messages every day, people 
ask me for videos, so I give 
them a price list.’

Love is in the air
After a rumoured fling with fellow contestant Mary Byrne, aka Tesco Mary, Wagner since found love with a woman 36 years his junior. The former 
PE teacher hit the headlines in 2012 when he revealed he was expecting a baby boy with his 20-year-old girlfriend Lydia Longville. The couple are said to have met through mutual friends at one of his gigs, and as well as son Leon, now 4, they have a baby daughter, Lilian Janine, two. Bless.

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Controversy strikes
The road didn’t initially run 
so smoothly for Wagner after the series wrapped, though. The eccentric performer found himself in controversy after 
he was recorded singing a 
pro-IRA song, which he claims he was duped into. He has 
since been more mindful of 
the lyrics he is recorded performing… or so he says.