Move over Dan Osborne there's a new TOWIE hunk in town, says Twitter


In this week’s Now, James ‘Arg’ Argent revealed he was ‘eaten up by anxiety, insecurity and depression,’ and lost one and a half stone after battling his way back up from rock bottom in rehab.

After turning his life around, Arg confessed all about his secret demons in his ONLY interview and posed for an exclusive photoshoot for Now, showing off his incredible newly slimline body.

‘I blew up to 18 stone and looked awful,’ Arg told us. ‘I’ve lost 1st 7lbs so far and I’m feeling good about that. I’m exercising every day. Eating regular meals, I’m boxing at the gym and training regularly.’

And since revealing his new look in Now, Twitter has gone crazy as TOWIE fans can’t tear their eyes off Arg‘s ‘hot’ new body.

‘Jesus Arg got hot!‘ tweeted one, while others couldn’t believe the amazing transformation, ‘Wow. Who’s this fly looking fella?!’ tweeted another.

Here at Now, we hope Arg will reunite with the ‘love of his life’ Lydia Bright again and this time, for good, but in the meantime it doesn’t look like Arg will be too lonely this Valentine’s Day.

Just check out some of the sexy messages from his new admirers:

@ashsacks94‬ @RealJamesArgent ‪Jesus Arg got hot!

@joanne_holcombe‬ #hot ‪@RealJamesArgent

Demi ‏‪@missdemiashgate‬ @RealJamesArgent your looking so well at the moment xx

‪@kirstymwah‬ @RealJamesArgent so I never watched series one and series two but I fell in love with Arg love him

‪@Hazelbanting‬ @RealJamesArgent you look amazeballs. Well done you

‪@DenaM666‬ @RealJamesArgent Goes to show if you put in the hard work it goes a long way, you look fab! X

‪@BrennanKylie‬ Wow. Who’s this fly looking fella?! ‪@RealJamesArgent xx

‪@AmeliaAlice_Ox‬ Can’t believe how good ‪@RealJamesArgent looks

‪@ChloWests‬ @NowMag ‪@RealJamesArgent amazing…makes me fall in love with him all over again!

‪@kerryanneattree‬ God ‪@RealJamesArgent looks so good!

‪@38luvvy‬ @RealJamesArgent ‪wow look at you ……you looking really good x

‪@AM_Carey‬ @RealJamesArgent looking skinny!

‪@ColcloughElisha‬ Wow just seen a pic of ‪@RealJamesArgent looking sooo ‪#skinny Looking

‏‪@juliepoolie73‬ @RealJamesArgent twit twoo xx looking good xx so much weight loss xx well done xx

‪@L20_HNT‬ Can’t Believe How Different ‪@RealJamesArgent Looks!!! Good On Him.. ‪#Thin ‪#LooksAmaze

Amy Brookbanks