Poor Susanna Reid! We've all been there...

It’s good to see TV presenter Susanna Reid is just like us mere mortals.

She suffered a serious wardrobe malfunction on Tuesday’s Good Morning Britain.

Susanna, who is used to being all graceful after dazzling us all on Strictly Come Dancing, had an embarrassing moment when hosting the show that left everyone talking.

The 44-year-old’s dress split open forcing her to rush out of the studio so she could be sewn back into the sexy peach number.

Poor Susanna, it certainly wasn’t her finest moment.

Returning to her co-hosts John Stapleton and Kate Garraway she admitted: ‘My dress broke… during the news bulletin, the back of it completely split open.’

Poking fun at herself, Susanna, who has an incredible figure, blamed her ‘sheer width.’

She said: ‘Behind the scenes the lovely wardrobe mistress was trying to sew me into the dress. I think physics and my sheer width proved a bit of an obstacle.’

It’s great that Susanna is able to laugh at herself, showing that she has body hang ups just like the rest of us mere mortals.

So many every day women have to squeeze into their favourite dresses, after all, who wants to concede and go one size up? Best to breathe in and hope for the best. But sadly for Susanna it wasn’t to be and her perfect frock let her down. On national TV. Eek!

Fortunately Kate Garraway was ever the professional and kept the show going, revealing: “I think we should explain that Susanna has just nipped out the studio after a slight wardrobe malfunction. All will be sorted out, although it has warmed John up this morning.

‘He’s very pleased about it. It was all marvelous for a moment there for you,’ before adding: ‘I tried to help but there was little I could do.’

John joked: ‘One of the advantages to this job that they don’t put in the job description.’

Glad he was laughing – it wasn’t such a Good Morning Britain for Susanna

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Sarah Tetteh