The singer's brother makes the difficult confession to Oprah

Whitney Houston‘s brother Michael Houston has admitted when he started experimenting with cocaine and crack in the 80s, his younger sister followed his lead.

Appearing on Oprah’s Next Chapter with his mother Cissy, Oprah quotes from Cissy‘s tell-all book Remembering Whitney.

‘Your mother writes in her book that you were doing drugs with your sister,’ Oprah says.

‘You mother writes, “I was shocked and confused, I didn’t understand it then and I still don’t.” How does it feel to hear your mother say that?’

‘It’s painful, I feel responsible for it, I let it go so far,’ says Michael. ‘We were together most of the time, with her following behind me. I taught her to drive, we played together, everything you do together growing up.

‘And then when you get into drugs you do that together too and it just got of hand, you know? This drug (cocaine) is rough.’

Michael adds that cocaine was rife during the 1980s.

‘You gotta understand at the time … the 80s … it was acceptable,’ he says.

It has long been believed that Whitney’s ex-husband Bobby Brown played a big part in her downward spiral into drug addiction, but Cissy‘s claims and Michael‘s admission suggests she could have tried drugs before meeting Bobby in 1989.

Whitney died in February 2012 as a result of accidental drowning and the ‘effects of atherosclerotic heart disease and cocaine use.’

She had some cocaine in her system when she died.

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