We've got beefed up blokes, glamour girls, the ex of a TOWIE star AND that girl who held hand with One Direction's Zayn Malik. This Love Island is going to be interesting

Love Island is back people! Waaa-hoo. And to make it even better we’ve got the lovely Caroline Flack presenting the ITV2 show and trying her best to play cupid.

So, who’s going to be snogging who behind the sun loungers?  And who’s most likely to get bitchy after a few too many Bellini’s?

Here’s everything you need to know about the 12 singletons hitting the beach. We’ll leave it up to you to find the perfect couple…

Rachel Christie
– She’s a 26 year old former athlete and model
– She’s a single mum to a four-year-old son
– She’s Linford Christie‘s niece
– She was the first black Miss England
Her dream man: ‘I’d like him to be tall, athletic, not with big muscles but he should work out.’

Lauren Richardson
– 26, from East London
– She was the woman blamed by millions of One Direction fans for making Zayn Malik leave the band. She was pictured holding hands with him in Thailand.
– Been single for three and a half years
– She has nine tattoos
Her dream man: ‘The sillier, the better. If he can make me laugh, I’ll be eating out of the palm of his hand.’

Zoe Basia Brown
– 24 -year-old model from London.
– She’s a born again Christian.
Her dream man: ‘If they look a bit like a Viking or a pirate, that’s great: I love a hairy guy! I’d like someone funny, and nice and decent.’

Hannah Elizabeth
– Hannah is a 25-year-old glamour model from Liverpool
– She is a Playboy Bunny
– She’s also a boxing ring girl on Sky Sports
– She’s got 32G fake boobs
Her dream man: ‘I like a suave looking man who looks after himself.’

Danielle Pyne
– 23-year-old marketing executive from West London
– She’s a bit of a posh-girl
– She spends a minimum of two hours getting ready
– She was an extra in Made in Chelsea
– She was on BBC’s Got To Dance in January 2012
Her dream man: ‘I’m 5ft 9ins and I always wear heels in my job, so he’d need to be at least six foot, and even then I’d be towering over him. I’d like him to have dark hair and dark skin.’

Jessica Hayes
– 22-year-old gam our model from Gloucestershire
– She’s been single for two years
– She’s a page three girl
Her dream man: ‘I tend to go for bad boys!’

Luis Morrison
– He’s 20-years-old
– He’s a former footballer and owns his own company
– He’s a talented pianist
His dream woman: ‘I like curvy girls with big boobs and a big bum. A Kim Kardashian type of girl.’

Jordan Ring
– Jordan is 31-year-old
– He describes himself as an alpha male
– He’s 6ft 4ins
– Jordan goes to the gym five times a week
His dream woman: ‘I like intelligent girls who are funny and wi?y, and someone who gets my sense of humour.’

Jon Clark
– 25-year-old Jon is a builder from Essex
– He was dating TOWIEs Jasmin Walia before going on Love Island
– He doesn’t like women who swear
His dream woman: ‘Tits. Teeth. And long arms and legs.’

Joshua Ritchie
– He’s 20-years-old and from Bolton
– He’s can spend up to an hour doing his hair
– He has his eye set on Caroline Flack
– He gets his eyebrows threaded
– Joshua loves sun beds too
His dream woman: ‘They’ve got to be slim, not big. Tanned. With a decent chest. I don’t mind if the boobs are fake or real, I’m not fussed.’

Chris Williamson
– 27-year-old model from Newcastle
– He’s been single for three years
– He’s good mates with the Geordie Shore cast
– You may have spotted him on Take Me Out
His dream woman: ‘I do like girls that are a bit alternative. Like every guy on the planet, I do like Angelina Jolie.’

Omar Sultani
– He is 22-years-old from Lemington Spa
– He’d like to take a girl on a date to the zoo
– He’s 5ft 8ins
His dream woman: ‘A pretty face. I’m not too bothered about the body, but I do like a big bum.’

Ooo, this is going to be fun!

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Lydia Southern