Charlotte Crosby makes a last bid at breaking the internet for 2015 with this Kim Kardashian-esque bum selfie

If you’ve been paying attention to the recent social media antics of Charlotte Crosby, you’ll be well aware that she has a new-found fondness for her derrière. Having just released her second workout DVD, 3 Minute Bum Blitz, Charlotte is being her own best promotional tool by showing us her bum as often as possible.

Be it by wearing lingerie, posting pics by the pool or just fooling around on her YouTube channel, Chaz has been showing us the fruits of all her hard work in the exercise studio – and she looks amazing!

But – or, should that be ‘Butt’? – in her latest snap, she’s made an entry into the bottom big leagues by mirroring a bum selfie from the bum selfie queen, Kim Kardashian.

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Facing a white backdrop, the Geordie Shore babe is wearing a white swimsuit with a thong-like cut so that her new asset is truly the main focus of the picture…

Rise and shine 🐣

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‘Oh hey bum’, Chaz captioned the picture when she posted it to Twitter.

Oh hey, indeed!

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Kim K took a very similar picture earlier this year, so the comparisons are easily made – though both bums are certainly of different, erm, sizes, both are in impeccable shape!

Unsurprisingly, this risqué pic has given way for plenty heart-eyes (😍) and peach (🍑) emojis from appreciative fans in response.

Perhaps Charlotte was inspired by her on-again/off-again boyfriend Gaz Beadle, who shared a bum selfie of his own earlier this week – it’s quite saucy, we have to say. In early December, Charlotte and Gaz made a bizarre marriage bet, but seeing as Charlotte was spotted kissing a mystery man outside a club on Boxing Day, who knows what’s going on up in the steamy Shore?

Whether or not you are set to become Mrs Beadle, you keep doing you, Charlotte. If you’ve got it…oh, you know the rest. Here’s to a 2016 full of more inspirational belfies!

Charlotte Crosby gives her exercise tips – just in time for the New Year, you lucky things! Watch below to find out how she does it: