Richard Madden left us transfixed as Mellors in Lady Chatterley's Lover but where have you seen him before?

Hands up who tuned in to BBC1’s Lady Chatterley’s Lover last night? Yup us to. It feels like ‘Winter is coming’ and we couldn’t help but light a few candles, snuggle under a blanket and melt away into Mellors’ lovely blue eyes.

And yes, if you didn’t notice, that was a subtle Game Of Thrones reference.  Why – because Richard Madden was only the bleedin’ gorgeous King of the North Robb Stark in the show, wasn’t he?!

That voice!

Anyway, as well as that handy trivia for when you’re down the pub, here’s seven other things you need to know about the lovely Richard Madden

1. After being brutally killed at his own wedding in Game Of Thrones, Richard graduated from being ‘King of the North’ to being Disney’s very own Prince Charming. He starred alongside Lily James in the Cinderella film released in March.

2. He has been in a relationship with the gorgeous Jenna Coleman since 2014.

Richard Madden and Jenna

Richard Madden and Jenna

3. He is 29 years old. Nearly, dirty 30!

4. Sean Bean – who played his dad Eddard Stark in GoT – also played Mellors back in the day, but Richard didn’t ask his advice before getting down and dirty in the gamekeepers cottage. ‘I didn’t want to! I have watched his version, [but] I’ve blocked it out of my mind because it was a while ago and I didn’t want to revisit it again just to prevent myself being influenced by it in anyway.’

5. He was born in Scotland and has two younger sisters.

6. He never knew how to ride a horse and had to learn to play Robb Stark.

Richard Madden Game of Thrones

Richard Madden in Game of Thrones

7. He’s prone to sunburn (well, he is Scottish)…’If I want to enjoy the sun, I need to spread it out during the day: five minutes now and then go back inside, then five more minutes out later. As far as tans, I think the best I get is more freckles and then I go back to being a little bit blue again.’

And when will we see him again? Well, he’s just filmed an action flick called Bastille Day alongside Idris Elba and Jose Garcia. The release date is TBC.

‘Til then, we’re watching him hammering that fence on repeat.