Rihanna has a new boyfriend! Here's 11 fun facts about rapper Travis Scott...

Major news, guys – Rihanna has a new man! And hint: it’s not Lewis Hamilton

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The Barbadian beauty appeared to confirm she is dating rapper Travis Scott over the weekend by publicly smooching with the rising star at her New York Fashion Week party.

RiRi was then seen leaving Travis’s hotel at 5am, wearing the same dress as the night before. Walk of shame alert!

But if you’re sat there scratching your head and asking ‘Travis who?’, allow us to enlighten you – here’s 11 things to know about Rihanna’s new man…

1. Travis Scott isn’t his actual name

Just like Rihanna (real name Robyn), Travis uses a stage name. He was actually born Jacques Webster in Houston, Texas.

2. He’s tipped for greatness

In January, CR Fashion Book – the super-cool magazine headed up by former French Vogue editor Carine Roitfeld – hailed him as ‘hip-hop’s next big thing’.

3. His first album – released last week – is called Rodeo

And his interpretation of a rodeo? ‘It’s like a Beyoncé concert,’ he says. ‘The carnival, the livestock, and the show are all parts of the event. I feel like that’s how my life is. The carnival is like my imagination—it’s the drive behind my vision.’

4. His relationship with Rihanna is professional as well as personal

RiRi met her new man when he co-wrote and produced her recent track, B*tch Better Have My Money.

5. He’s a toy-boy (*sings that Sinitta song to self*)

Whilst Rihanna is 27, young Travis is just 23.

6. He’s signed to Kanye West’s production label…

…and has produced tracks for major stars including Jay Z, John Legend and even Yeezus himself.

7. He’s also worked with Justin Bieber

The pair recorded Maria I’m Drunk – in which The Biebs raps about drinking shots and doing rude things to a lady friend – after Justin FaceTimed Travis to say he wanted to work with him.

8. Like Kanye, he’s a college dropout

Travis was enrolled at The University of Texas before quitting to follow his musical dreams. ‘Every day in college was depressing,’ he’s since said. ‘I wanted to be an artist. I wanted to do this sh*t. I wanted to be on an album, I wanted to put out my own sh*t, I wanted to be on stage rapping at MTV, I wanted to have the best video of the year.’

9. His favourite movie is The Breakfast Club

Yes, the cult 80s teen flick starring Molly Ringwold. We can just imagine him and RiRi snuggled up with a bowl of popcorn, giggling at the library dancing scene.

10. He’d like Ryan Gosling to play him in a movie about his life

Travis describes The Notebook star as a ‘smooth motherf*cker’, saying: ‘He could play me for real.’

11. His fashion inspirations may surprise you

‘Kurt Cobain is definitely my idol,’ he says. ‘Also, Kid Cudi, and Shia LaBeouf.’

Stephanie Wood