Want to know who killed EastEnders' Lucy Beale? Of course you do! Check out these theories

Who killed Lucy Beale? No but seriously, can somebody PLEASE tell us soon, because we don’t know how much longer we can cope!

How on earth the actors – who won’t be told the real murder story until 30 minutes before the live episode airs on Thursday 19 February – are getting on with life without knowing, we simply do not know.

So to feed our obsession, we’ve grouped together the best EastEnders Lucy Beale murder theories for you to rack your brains over. Tell us your thoughts on them on the Now magazine Facebook page or @NowMag. Enjoy!

1. Mistaken Identity
Not long before her death, Lucy wore the exact same outfit as Lauren Branning: a grey suit and polka dot shirt. Could the killer have mixed up the two girls?

2. ‘The Bad Man’
It’s been suggested that Terry Spraggan, of all people, could actually be Lucy’s killer. Why? Well, little Morgan complained of a nightmare about a ‘bad man’ outside, just before Lucy‘s murder. The following scene showed none other than Terry looking at the Butcher house, then a shot of Lucy. Could it be?!

3. Suicide
There’s a theory that, after the nine months of excruciating guessing, the answer to ‘who killed Lucy Beale?’ could just be: Lucy. We’re not sure we can accept this.

4. Head bump
Before her death, Lucy tripped in the Albert Square car lot and hit her head on Max’s desk. Could this, combined with whatever happened on the Common, have proved a fatal recipe?

5. Suspicious Nick
Could not-so-dead drug dealer Nick Cotton be the culprit? Some fans think he could have killed her for refusing to buy more cocaine, or threatening to expose him and his son Charlie.

6. Brutal Bride
Bride-to-be Jane, who will marry Ian Beale in the very episode that Lucy‘s murderer is exposed, was supposedly away with Bobby on Good Friday, but recently claimed to be Lauren‘s alibi for the fatal night. She also hid Lucy‘s phone and purse from the police, failed to attend the funeral and disappeared for a few months after the incident. Guilty, much?!

7. Shabnam’s a secret drug dealer?!
Is it possible that sweet Shabnam could be Lucy’s killer? When the character, who is a qualified Pharmacist, returned this January as a completely different person, it was revealed that she hid a ‘terrible secret’. Was this that she’s secretly a drug dealer who killed her grandmother after she found out about the illegal deals, moved to the UK in shame and then killed her regular customer, Lucy? Erm, some think so!

8. It was Lee Carter – and we’ve already been told
Now this theory is CLEVER. One fan noticed something very suspicious in the crossword puzzle that ghost Lucy filled in for dad Ian Beale in the Children In Need EastEnders special. When Ian asked Lucy who killer her, she nods to the crossword which has the words ‘I love you!’ in it. But just underneath, you can see the words ‘Lee stop it’. Aaaargh!

9. Peter’s body warmer
It was pointed out that you can hear Lucy’s killer zipping up their coat after their secret meet-up with Emma in the park. Who’s never spotted without their body warmer? Err, Lucy’s twin brother Peter of course!

10. Albert Square serial killer
One VERY complicated theory suggests that resident Funeral Director Les Coker is actually a serial killer and Lucy is one of his victims! The main reason? To boost his funeral business.

SIGH. We just don’t know anymore! Roll on February 19th.

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