After their Apple Music Festival performance, Little Mix paint the town red with headliners One Direction and popstar Olly Murs

Last night One Direction headlined the Apple Music Festival in Camden, and had this small girl band support them – don’t know if you’ve heard them, they’re called Little Mix – and it seemed to be the pop music party of the century. We’re just still wondering where our invite went…

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As well as having the fact that they’re both A+ popstars in common, both Perrie Edwards and the boys of One Direction have both survived the trauma of having Zayn Malik exiting their lives. But like a glorious phoenix from the ashes, Perrie looked sassy as always as she sashayed across the stage, and the boys completely tore the roof off at the Camden Roundhouse.

Despite her ex once being in the band One Direction, Perrie and the rest of the Little Mix seem to love jamming to those 1D songs just as much as the rest of them.

Perrie, Leigh-Anne and Jade shared a video on the Little Mix Instagram of them throwing their hands up in the air (as well as some popcorn from Jade there!) like they just don’t care along to What Makes You Beautiful. Classic.

Both bands had some new about new music that night too. Those One Direction boys announced that their next single Inifnity, will be from their upcoming album In The A.M. While the Little Mix gals performed a song they never have done before called Grown. And we love them both.

You guys are spoiling us!

And as if that popstar loving wasn’t enough between the two bands, they then went to Mahiki and painted the town suitably red.

A night out with Little Mix and One Direction – what else could you possibly want? Oh yeah, if Olly Murs came along as well, that’d be swell.

The cheeky X Factor host posted a pic on his Instagram of him sipping on a big ol’ trunk of yummy goodness along with One Direction’s very own Niall Horan.

We can only imagine the states their heads might have been in the following morning!

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Amy Lo