Channing Tatum has been linked to newest Ghostbusters movie, but who should join him? We create our dream team...

Don’t cross the streams!


The eighties classic that featured four wise-crackin scientists/comedic heavyweights zapping ghosts in natty grey boiler suits was probably one of the most iconic movies of our generation.

Never to be bettered, right?

First there were the rumours. A remake. An all-girl cast? Whaaaaaaaaaaat?

The whispers gained momentum. Fan forums went nuts. Then last summer the project finally got firmed up, with director Paul Feig (of Bridesmaids fame) confirming that yes, he was indeed revamping the Ghostbusters franchise with ladies playing the lead roles. With pretty big and bankable actresses actually: Kristen Wiig, Melissa McCarthy. Exciting? Sure.

But you know whilst a change is always good, loyal fans worldwide remained a little bit on the fence about the whole thing. There was a lot of ‘if it ain’t broke…’ talk being bandied about. Did we want our Ghostbusters to suddenly switch gender? We all grew up crushing on guys that kicked supernatural butt whilst being dreched in ectoplasm…could girls really fill those rather big and squidgy boots?

Thank heavens then that in addition to this new (and let’s be frank, controversial) project ANOTHER Ghostbusters movie is already on the horizon that promises to keep within a more traditional guideline, i.e. men plus proton packs = happy fans

And the first name linked to this movie is…… *duh dun duuuuuuun*

Channing Tatum.

Yes, yes you heard right. Mister meaty delicious muscle man himself Channing Tatum looks to be first in line to earn himself some spook busting stripes as rumours about his involvement hit the worldwide web yesterday. The project announced on will also unite original Ghostbuster principles Ivan Reitman and Dan Aykroyd as part of newly created Sony production company Ghostcorps that will look after the franchise.

Reitman is keen to point out that the films aren’t intended to rival one another, but to ‘build’ and ‘expand’ upon the already beloved ‘Ghostbusters universe.’

(Sorry, we’re still having palpitations over Channing Tatum here…)

So, in celebration of this wonderful news we have devised what could be THE perfect Ghostbusters line-up. (Sorry lovely ladies, we’re sure you will do a damn fine job containing potentially lethal nuclear reactors, but sometimes we just know who we wanna call….)

Check out who WE think should take the wheel of Ecto 1…

Channing Tatum as Peter Venkman
Whilst it’ll always be impossible to replace or substitute Bill Murray for anything, we believe that Mister Tatum will make a whopper skirt-chasin/quick talking Dr Venkman for a new legacy of Ghostbuster fans. Using his job to pick up frightened chicks made Venkman the original GB rogue, and we think Channing could really get his rather fine physique behind this. Plus, look at him. LOOK AT HIM.

Bradley Cooper as Ray Stantz
Paunchy Dan Aykroyd as Ray was the cute addition to the original team, but you know, this is Ghostbusters for a new age – we love you Dan, but Ray needs to have it going on! We feel blue-eyed beefcake Bradley Cooper could sex up that boiler suit quite marvelously whilst still remaining to be a bit of thinking gal’s crumpet. 

Benedict Cumberbatch as Egon Spengler
Swoon, the perfect piece of geek totty? The late Harold Ramis as fungus collecting scientist Egon Spengler was the focal point for many a young girl’s first boffin crush. And who better to play him today? Who else but floppy-haired plum talking Benedict Cumberbatch. Yeah, we know. High fives all round.

Idris Elba as Winston Zeddmore
Do we really need to explain ourselves for this one? Winston, played by Ernie Hudson, was the ‘cool’ Ghostbuster who always seemed exasperated by the antics of his more eccentric colleagues. We’re pretty sure if you looked up the word ‘cool’ (as in to much for school) in the Oxford dictionary there would be a picture of Idris Elba alongside. Most definitely.

Crikey. Pass the phone, we should be casting agents.

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