Love isn't love unless it's in ink, right Ricky Rayment?

When Geordie met Essex it was always inevitable things were going to get spicy. Ricky Rayment, 24, has gone a step further in ensuring the hottest reality couple of the moment are completely committed, getting a tattoo dedicated entirely to Geordie girlfriend Marnie Simpson, 23!

Ricky shared a picture of the tat, which is an inking of the letter M with a small heart, on Saturday via Snapchat. The post shows the tattoo bandaged up, confirming that this is no temporary stick on and very much the real thing.

Although yet to be confirmed, it’s pretty easy to assume that this is Ricky’s demonstration of his love and commitment to the gorgeous Geordie Shore star, Marnie.

For the more skeptical of you, Ricky definitely did think before he inked. The lovebirds expressed a plan to get each others names tattooed when interviewed by Now back in April. During our exclusive chat Ricky said, ‘We’ve spoken about it’ then explained he wasn’t planning to get the ink until after the latest series of Geordie Shore in case ‘She might not feel the same after’. It seems Ricky is a man of his word!

This isn’t the first smooth move the former Towie star has pulled out this week. The couple were very worried about being apart during filming, Marnie even said it was making her want to quit- ‘I’m not going to be able to focus on what I’m doing’, so Ricky took matters into his own hands. The Essex boy dropped everything and jetted out to Greece to join the Geordie Shore gang and surprised Marnie with a massive bouquet of flowers. Gentlemen do still exist!

Although the pair have only been together six months, having met (and snogged) at the National Television Awards, it’s very comforting that the couple see themselves ‘together forever’ because we hear tattoo removal really, really hurts.

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Alice Perry