Imogen Thomas shares a picture on Instagram saying she’s in need of more clothes

There’s another celeb mum-to-be on the horizon! Imogen Thomas is pregnant with her second baby, and has posted a pic on Instagram, crying for help about the biggest wardrobe dilemma of them all.

‘Nothing fits me! I’ve had to wear these shorts AGAIN!!!! Us girls hate wearing things twice #pregnantgirlproblems.’

We’ll take those shorts off your hands if they’re causing you bother Imo! They’re so cute!

The former glamour model says it’s ‘time to buy maternity clothes’, and she pulls a fake face of shock and horror in the mirror. Perhaps she’s shocked by her own beauty because she looks so gorgeous!

Although the 32-year-old is showing quite the beautiful bump in the snap, just a week ago, you wouldn’t have even thought she was pregnant!

Posting pics of her in her swimsuit while away on holiday, there was hardly a sign of a bump. Nada. Not a one.

Looking are sizzling hot as the sorching sun, Imogen had on a series of orange cozzies and bikinis, and even captioned one: ‘Suns out baps out today has been HOT’
SOMEONE get that slogan on a t-shirt, stat!

Imogen and her partner, Adam Horsley, already have one daughter together, two-year-old Ariana, which struggled with her weight with when she was pregnant.

‘You see some mums snap back into shape almost immediately, but I found it really hard losing weight with Ariana.’

‘I put on three stone and was a size 16 after giving birth. I’m naturally curvy so I knew it would be tough for me to get back into shape, but I wasn’t prepared for how hard it would be.’

We think the former Big Brother beauty always looks amazing – pregnant or not!

‘There were days I was so tired from working out, I was in tears. I felt so low, plus I had some comments on social media saying: “You still look fat,” which didn’t help.’

Aww, no! The internet can be a mean ol’ place.

Imogen says she’s more careful with her weight while she’s pregnant this second time wrong, but we’re glad to see she’s not taking it too seriously.

‘I’ve not weighed myself but I know I’ve given in to my cravings for potatoes and cheese.’

Don’t worry Imo – we have that exact problem on a daily basis. And we have no excuse…

Amy Lo