Is it Harry and his hair that's bringing in the dollar or Zayn's zaniness?

We think it’s fair to say that the One Direction lads aren’t exactly rummaging around the back of the sofa for a few quid to buy some chips each day. In fact, they could probably buy a whole chain of chippies and wouldn’t even notice a dent in their bank balance.

But who’s the one that’s really bringing home the dollar?


Is it Liam Payne, now that he’s one half of a music power-couple?

Is it Zayn Malik, being the first one to quit the band and go solo?

Well, no actually, it’s Mr Harry Styles!

And we can see why. Just look at that face! So brooding. So handsome.

So how much more is Harry worth in comparison to the rest of the One Direction lads? And who’s

Here’s the lowdown…

1. Harry Styles: Net worth = £50 million

Harry is currently on his first solo world tour after releasing his debut album Harry Styles in 2017. But during his years in One Direction he made some mega purchases. In 2012, he bought a North London £3.4million house which was dubbed Harry’s Party Palace. Oh and  and a Ferrari for £143K.

He also has a £6 million pad in New York and re-listed his West Hollywood mansion for £5.8million after first putting it up for £6.6 million in June 2017.

The rest of his car collection includes a classic mid-1990s Porsche 911, a Ford Capri, an Audi R8, A Jaguar E-type, and a Range Rover Sport.

Most recently he’s joined huge Italian fashion house Gucci for a new tailoring campaign.

2. Niall Horan: New worth = £46 million

We don’t know why but we’re surprised Niall, 24, has snuck in at number two. Follow the dis-banding of One Direction, Niall seems to have kept the lowest profile but he’s still got cash to burn by the sound of it.

Currently also on tour, Niall’s solo career has been successful after he released three singles This Town, Slow Hands and Too Much To Ask  in 2017.

In terms of property, Niall owns a £3.4million Los Angeles home, a £6million London apartment and a house in his hometown of Mullingar, Ireland.

Days after passing his driving test in 2013, he bought a £70,000 Range Rover and has also been spotted in a £90,000 Ferrari.

Niall’s love for golf also saw him invest in the sport. According to reports he’s helped launch Modest Golf Management, an agency that will attempt to recruit Irish and British golfers.

3. Liam Payne: Net worth = £42 million

Since One Direction took their haitus Liam Payne’s gone though something of a transformation. Not only has he become a dad to Bear – who he had with Cheryl Cole in 2017 – but he’s also gone from boy-next-door to a gold-chain wearing gangster rapper.

And while he’s not shy when it comes to bragging about his love for designer clothes and private jets, it’s also property where he’s got cash lying about.

He and Cheryl currently live in his sprawling £5.6 million house in Surrey, UK.


Not only that but Liam’s currently embarking on a lucrative solo career, having written and performed songs for Fifty Shades Freed and planning to release his debut solo album later this year.

In 2016, despite already being on a hiatus, Liam and One Direction were the second-highest earners, after Taylor Swift, with a cool £78.4 million.

4. Louis Tomlinson: Net worth = £42 million

Despite seeing hardly anything of Louis in recent months, him and Liam are supposedly worth the same amount which is due to the success of One Direction, rather than their solo careers.

According to reports Louis – who’s a dad to son Freddie – bought a £6million mansion in the Hollywood Hills and has a home worth £5million in North London. He did, however, sell his Porsche Boxster on eBay. But don’t worry, he’s still got wheels as he owns a Range Rover and an Aston Martin.

5. Zayn Malik: Net worth = £35 million

First to launch a solo career,  Zayn’s debut single Pillowtalk topped the charts both here and Stateside. As well as that, his profile also hit the big-time due to his relationship with supermodel Gigi Hadid, who he recently got back together with following a brief split.

In terms of bricks and mortar, Zayn has a £7 million penthouse in New York and a £2.2 million pad in London. It’s also thought to have homes in LA and Herefordshire.

He also sorted out his mum as he splashed out nearly £1million for a house in Bradford for Trisha and drives a £120,000 Bentley Continental.

So, can we borrow a fiver for some chips then lads? Thanks.