Fancy coughing up these big bucks for the Kardashians?!


If we were to say ‘Hey, not sure if you’ve heard but rumour has it those pesky Kardashians are being sued for millions of dollars’, what would you think had happened?…

a) Kim K has finally been busted for using the trademarked word ‘selfie’ over a gazillion times?

b) Kris has gone a bit nuts and decided to sue her entire Klan due to copyright infringement? Because, you know, they’re all a bit the same really.

c) Tyga has sued Kylie and the Klan for involving him in too many Snapchats and then breaking his heart?

d) All of the above?


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*Side note: We tried to sound well clever and knowledgeable in that segment above and we are very much aware that we did not produce the desired effect. Whatever.*

Well folks, the rumour mill is currently strife with allegations that the Kardashian‘s are to be sued millions due to a legal agreement with a PA company which the K Klan did not carry out.

According to The Daily Mail, Agency For The Performing Arts has filed a lawsuit alleging they had been tasked with finding endorsements for the Kardahian-Jenners back in 2009 – taking a 15% cut as payment…the family is being sued by a well-known talent agency that claims it had a verbal agreement to set up deals for the reality stars’.

A source has shared that ‘Since March 2015, [Agency For Performing Arts] claim, they have received no further payments from the family’.

This isn’t the first time its been rumoured that the family have had to cough up the big bucks, as it was rumoured that ‘in March this year the oldest three sisters were sued by investment company Hillair Capital Management after their Kardashian Beauty make-up line failed to produce the returns expected’. 

Yep, this all sounds very stressful and we’d probably be hiding under a duvet with a vat of Ben and Jerry’s or some other cheap but equally fattening alternative (because, you know, we’re being sued and all that).

Is this the case for the Kardashians? We think not…

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Lookin’ good, Kylerz.

Alice Perry