By jumping to conclusions about Fifty Shades of Grey they’re trivialising real domestic abuse…

A film as sexually charged and hyped as Fifty Shades of Grey was never going to escape controversy upon release.

Sure it’s going to divide people, and if the early reviews are anything to go by the film is everything from utterly rubbish to ridiculous, orgasmically brilliant.

However, it’s not the naysayers that Fifty Shades needs to be concerned about, it’s the fact that campaigners are slamming the film saying it promotes domestic violence.

Natalie Collins who started the campaign group 50 Shades is Abuse told the BBC: ‘We felt really concerned about the way the books romanticise abuse and glamorise an abusive relationship.’

The protesters were at the premiere last night holding banners reading: ‘Fifty Shades is abuse’ and ‘Mr. Grey is a rapist,’ but the cast and director Sam Taylor-Johnson couldn’t disagree more.

When questioned about the film glamorising domestic abuse, Jamie Dornan who plays Christian Grey said: ‘I disagree with it almost entirely. I do think there’s consent there. Every single time before there’s a bedroom scene, he says: “I will remind you that you can leave at any time…”, there’s safe words in place to stop it at whatever time it goes to a certain level.’

Sam Taylor-Johnson was keen to ephasise how Anastasia Steele is essentially the one in control and has the power: ‘I don’t think you can judge something without seeing it,’ she said.

‘What Dakota and I did throughout the journey of Anastasia was to empower her.

‘Every sexual encounter that she has with Christian is one that she’s gone into willingly and complicity until the moment he crosses a line.

‘And when he crosses that line it’s a very firm no and she has the final word – she has all the power and he’s the vulnerable one so I don’t think there’s any glamorisation of it.’

Dakota Johnson who plays Anastasia added: ‘I wonder if they wouldn’t mind waiting until they see the movie. I don’t think it’s that way at all.’

After seeing the film last night, I’m in total agreement with the director and cast. Sure Fifty Shades of Grey is whips, chains and spanking galore, but none of this hints at or even resembles domestic abuse.

For people to even associate sex acts, which both consenting parties find pleasurable, with the utter horror of domestic abuse is extremely blinkered and, I feel, insulting to those who have gone through the incomparable pain and betrayal of being in an abusive relationship.

In fact, I question whether any of these campaigners have read the book or seen the film, as there is no element of the bullying, control or complete obliteration of self-esteem that victims of abuse go through.

The throwing about of the word ‘rapist’ is particularly disturbing as well. There is no suggestion of rape in the film, in fact the key message each time that they do engage in BDSM is that it IS consensual, there are safe words and Anastasia is at complete liberty to stop things whenever she wants.

How does this in any way resemble rape? Rape does not have to be violent or aggressive to be still rape.

I feel these protesters are insulting and trivialising the experiences of victims of rape by writing off some non-conventional acts between a couple in love as a vile sex attack.

There are innumerable problems with the way women in society are treated and how domestic abuse and rape victims go unheard and without help, but Fifty Shades of Grey does not reflect this in the slightest.

If you are a victim of domestic violence or know somone who needs help and support, go to The National Domestic Violence Helpline or call their free 24-hour helpine on 0808 2000 247.

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