We thought Cheryl’s life was pretty goddam perfect at the moment, so what's with the negative Instagram and Twitter messages?

Judging by her posts on Instagram and Twitter, Cheryl Cole has been pretty upset over the past 24 hours.

Despite appearing to be on top of the world – basking in the joys of being a newlywed, having a brand spanking single coming out AND returning to The X Factor on Saturday night – everything doesn’t appear to be as shipshape as we would like for wor Cheryl.

Our suspicions were first raised when Cheryl posted a very mysterious tweet yesterday morning, ahead of The X Factor press launch:

‘One of those days when you get out of bed and just want to get back in it and wake up tomorrow..’

As if this didn’t send our minds racing enough, Cheryl then uploaded a snap on Instagram featuring a lesson about karma.

Erm, what karma? Karma with whom? WHY ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT KARMA, CHERYL?

By now, we were sensing something was very wrong with poor Chezza and we desperately wanted to know more.

So when we attended The X Factor press launch last night, we kept our beady eye fixed on her.

And sure enough, things weren’t quite right.

As Cheryl stood on the stage with fellow judges Simon Cowell and Louis Walsh to announce the start of the new series, she kept her arms folded throughout the whole speech.

Body language alert!

The judges then sat down to watch footage of The X Factor auditions, along with Cheryl‘s husband Jean-Bernard Fernandez-Versini and Simon Cowell‘s missus, Lauren Silverman.

While Lauren sat in the middle, chuckling loudly with the other stars, Cheryl and Jean-Bernard held hands and remained more or less silent throughout – Mr Cheryl even checked his phone during the show. Come on, JB!

So, after some extensive investigative work, here are the possible explanations we can think of for why Cheryl is sad:

* Her beloved dog weed in her shoe. Busted Buster!

* She was NOT impressed that Simon Cowell announced at the start of the week that Cheryl is ‘not really his type’. Um, we thought you liked brunettes, Simon?

* Kimberley Walsh has told Chez she’s not going to be godmum to her unborn baby. Nooooo! #CHIMForever

* She’s got a secret crush on Brad Pitt and is dealing with the heartbreaking news he married Angelina at the weekend

* She was upset Mel B couldn’t make The X Factor launch because they’re new bezzies

Whatever it is, please don’t be sad Cheryl.

Just gaze into your hot French husband’s eye, that’ll soon put a smile on your face.

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