Katie Price has been hitting the gym, and some people aren’t too happy about it

It’s always a bit of a task trying to fit a workout into the day. We mean, there’s Made in Chelsea to catch up on, then there’s those biscuits we’ve been meaning address – all these hurdles getting in the way!

But it seems like nothing’s going to stop Katie Price getting back into her fitness routine. Having not trained for two whole years, the 36-year-old shared a video on Instagram, of her being trainer by her hubby Kieran Hayler.

‘Thought I’d share My first training session since 2013 kieran has started training me today ready to get me fit and healthy like his other clients ’

But it seems like some of her followers are a bit worried about her workout, and wanted to give her their two cents on it.

One person commented: ‘You’ll do yourself an injury if those weights were any heavier. Poor form;, while another said: ‘Your putting your elbows back too far.’

Suddenly everyone’s a fitness expert it seems.

Others though, were just impressed at how toned the mum-of-five’s stomach was. AND it’s her first training session since 2013! We get a food baby after just from having lunch…

‘Check out your tummy after all your babies! Go Katie! Xx’

‘5 kids and lovely tummy’, added user jadechelsea232.

One follower just didn’t know what all the hoo-ha was about with people giving Pricey stick, commenting: ‘Whys everyone criticising her workout ?? If it’s the way she wants to do it then let her!’

And then there’s melissatrompetto, who just wanted to give KP a pat on the back.

‘Well done you in the exercise front, riding in the morning plus a gym work out / training in the day, great focus and dedication. That’s why you have a great figure :)’

Oh Melissa, if the world had more people like you, it’d be a much nicer place!

We doubt that Katie phased by any of the comments though, as she took to Twitter to speak her mind.

And we’re sure the CBB winner is in good hands anyway. Her 27-year-old hubby is a self-confessed gym addict to keep his body in shape for his part in the Adonis Cabaret.

The couple have two children together, one-year-old Jett and ten-month-old Bunny, along with Katie’s three other children from previous relationships.

With five kids, we’re just impressed Katie still finds time to work out! Now, someone pass us some weights…

Amy Lo