They were once close but their relationship has turned frosty

Victoria Beckham and Katie Holmes were once best mates close but the pair are no longer close.

Although husbands Tom Cruise, 45, and David Beckham, 33, are buddies and the two couples are still attending the same events, Katie and Posh have stopped seeing eye to eye after a number of key clashes that have caused hurt and disappointment on both sides. Here, we can reveal what’s torn them apart…

They’ve argued over Scientology

The row over Katie and Tom’s Scientology faith was the straw that broke the camel’s back. When Victoria made it clear she’d never even consider joining the cult last December, relations froze over.

‘Katie’s fully embraced Scientology and takes it very seriously,’ says our source. ‘Victoria underestimated how important it is to her and thought they could have girly chats about life and men.’

Posh thinks ‘weird’ Tom’s too controlling

At first, the novelty of being friends with Hollywood’s most powerful man was flattering. Victoria used to laugh at Tom’s controlling behaviour, but after only a few months, his dominance over Katie began to wear thin. Victoria’s told her family and friends that she thinks he’s ‘weird’.

Katie finally snapped when Victoria suggested she ‘stop acting like a robot’ with Tom.

They can’t agree on parenting issues

As parents of 3 sons – Brooklyn, 9, Romeo, 5, and Cruz, 3 – Victoria and David believe in firmly disciplining the boys and they won’t tolerate bad manners. This is totally different to how Tom and Katie treat their daughter Suri, 2. She’s given a free rein and they refuse to ever reprimand her as it conflicts with the Scientology belief that children should be treated like adults.

Posh got sick of Katie ‘copying’ her

When Posh first met Katie two years ago, the former Dawson’s Creek star dressed in frumpy outfits and looked older than her 27 years. Victoria changed all that.

Katie was fascinated with Victoria’s style and transformed herself accordingly.

‘Posh felt rather uncomfortable that her style was being mimicked so literally,’ says our source, ‘and Katie realised Posh’s lifestyle didn’t sit comfortably with her. She’s more like your typical Californian, shunning alcohol and religiously going to the gym. Victoria’s not like that – she enjoys a few glasses of wine and hates working out. It just showed how little they really have in common.’

By Chris White

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