Victoria Beckham’s daughter Harper was out having a kick about with dad David

It seems little Harper Beckham has inherited her dad David Beckham‘s top football skillz, judging by this pic the sports star posted of his little girl having a kick about with a football.

Looking like she’s about to score a goal, David seemed like a proud father as he captioned the photo: ‘Mia Hamm eat your heart out. Harper Seven taking lessons from her brother ( oh and her dad)’ Along with a big ol’ heart emoji. Aw!

Mia is a legendary female American soccer star.

But Harper’s mum, Victoria Beckham, may not be QUITE as happy as her husband when she sees this photo.

Talking at a Fashion Icons talk in New York this week, Victoria joked that she’s upset her toddler appears to have inherited her dad’s love of football.

She said: ‘Harper loves football. It’s like a dagger going into my heart!’

The three-year-old seems even has her own kit. Her 41-year-old mum said: ‘As much as she is girly, she’s a tomboy as well.

‘She’s got little shoes and a little football shirt and she runs around in the garden with her brothers.’

We like her style!

But Victoria needn’t fear too much. Harper is also a little fashionista-in-the-making according to Becks, 40.

He has said: ‘Harper’s wearing Victoria’s heels every single day. She walks into the house and puts her ballerina outfit on and a pair of heels.

‘She’s very funny because she also wears the boys’ football boots.’

When you make kids who are THIS adorable, surely you just want more!

‘No!’ said Victoria. ‘I’ve got four! I feel like I’ve done my bit.’

With Harper and her three older brothers – 16-year-old, Brooklyn, 12-year-old Romeo, and 10-year-old Cruz – Victoria and David Beckham have one of the cutest families in showbiz, as their recent punting trip to Cambridge showed.

We love that Harper is both a girly girl AND a tomboy. It looks like little Harper has got the best of both her parents!

Amy Lo