This time Kerry says it's for good as she sobs: I’m sick of his mind games


Few will be surprised to hear that Kerry Katona and Mark Croft have split up again – this time over pictures of her working out with a personal trainer at boot camp.

The two had an explosive confrontation last Tuesday when Mark accused her of having an affair. The only evidence he had was photos he’d seen in a magazine.

But it was enough for Kerry to threaten divorce, before fleeing to Spain with their children the following day.

‘These two will argue over the price of a newspaper, so this comes as no surprise,’ says one pal. ‘When he saw the photos of her with a trainer, he exploded with jealousy, saying they looked over-friendly and accusing Kerry
 of sleeping with him.

Kerry says nothing happened – and how could it as she was always surrounded by other people? But Mark‘s 
got it into his head that she’s cheating on him, so it sparked a full-scale argument and Kerry walked out.’

Friends say that newly confident Kerry, 29, won’t take Mark‘s ‘mind games’ any more, especially since she’s recently been working with life-coach therapists Nik and Eva Speakman, who’ve transformed her into a much stronger character.

‘She’s told Mark to believe what he wants to believe. This time she’s not as scared to face life alone if Mark continues to be 
a pain and, as we all know, a drain on her resources,’ says our source.

The couple have broken up three times in the last 12 months, but never before over her supposedly cheating on him – it’s usually the other way round.

‘No doubt by next week they’ll be back together, but if she continues to improve mentally, Mark may soon be old news, especially if he still thinks he can control her life,’ adds our source.

Haven’t we seen this before?

Split 13 Mar 2009
Reunited 16 Mar 2009

She sobs on her MTV reality show that she’s getting a divorce after realising that Mark had spent thousands behind her back, saying that he’d ‘bled her dry’.

Split 26 Jul 2009
Reunited 2 Aug 2009

He’s caught on camera snuggling up to a lap dancer and sold shares worth £25,000 without her knowing. Divorce papers were served before the pair went on a make-or-break holiday.

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