Could Strictly Come Dancing spell trouble for our favourite couple Mark Wright and Michelle Keegan?

We love Mark Wright and Michelle Keegan almost as much as Kanye loves Kanye. So although we’re obviously excited about seeing Mark in his lycra and glitter on Strictly Come Dancing every weekend, we can’t help but worry that he and fiancée Michelle will become victims of the Strictly curse.

The world just shouldn’t be rid of such a beautiful couple.

We took our worries to Mark’s cousin and the head of the family, TOWIE’s Elliott Wright. He’s a no-nonsense diamond geezer and we know there’s wisdom behind the tan and pert bum. He should tell it to us straight…

Elliott, we’re worried. Will Mark and Michelle be struck by the Strictly curse? It seems like no couple is immune to it, oh god!
I can’t see them two ever splitting. Your relationship is only cursed if you’ve got cracks in it. You can’t be with someone, be in love with someone, and then all of a sudden just ‘cos you’re dancing split up. Chloe said to me: ‘I’d hate you to do Strictly you’ve got to be doing love songs looking in their eyes…’ I wouldn’t look at it like that, I’d just want to win.

Ah Elliott, we knew you’d make us feel better. Is Mark finding it hard to be away from Michelle while he’s training?
He’s totally under the thumb, she totally wears the trousers there. I caught him putting his bins in my bins the other day. I asked him what he was doing and he went: ‘Oh I forgot to put the bins out and she’s going to go mental at me, so can I just put them in yours?!’

Wow, bins, tans and glitter balls, these two are a multi-faceted couple if ever we’ve seen one. We like to think Mark starts doing the Cha Cha in front of Michelle when she’s paying too much attention to her lines and not him.

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