As they prepare for their live tour, let's hope history doesn't repeat itself

As Take That prepare for their live tour, let’s hope history doesn’t repeat itself

We’ve all bought our tickets and started the diet to shrink back into the jeans we wore to see them the first time round.

But before we ready the Kleenex for the inevitable hysteria of Take That’s sold-out Progress concerts next year, sources tell Now that memories of Robbie Williams’ shocking pre-tour exit in 1995 are still fresh.

Even more worrying was Robbie’s ‘yes, no, yes’ mind-changing over the reunion a year ago.

In their documentary Look Back, Don’t Stare the lads admitted the reunion hadn’t gone as smoothly as hoped.

Robbie was in, then decided he wanted out, before changing his mind again a few weeks later,’ reveals a source.

‘When he left the first time round – just days before the UK leg of the Nobody Else tour began in 1995 – it was a monumental blow for all the lads.

So his reluctance last year brought it all back for the boys.’

Gary Barlow, 39, admitted he was angry and upset when he got the news that Robbie was wavering last year.

‘I heard just before I went on holiday,’ he said. ‘I was like: “What are we going to do now?” We had big songs already written so it was like: “What a waste!”‘

Thankfully, Mark Owen, 38, was on hand to make peace. ‘I went round to Rob’s house,’ he revealed.

‘I said: “Forget about promotion, forget about touring because that’s a big thing – let’s just make this record.

‘It’s going to take about 30 days in the studio – do you want to do it?” Rob said: “Yeah, I’ve got 30 days spare.” I said: “Well, right, let’s do it!”‘

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