Will contemplates father-son relationship with Jaden Smith


Will Smith has revealed that he wasn’t very successful when he tried to follow his dad into the family business.

The Men In Black actor helped his father Willard C Smith Senior with his refrigerator installation company as a schoolboy but he made some rather dangerous mistakes.

I accidentally electrocuted my father one time,’ says Will, 44.

I had gone out to a party the night before. The next day we were doing a job and there had been a storm in Philadelphia and one of the supermarkets that we were servicing had the basement flooded.

I was holding the flashlight but I had been at the party all night long, so I was exhausted even holding the flashlight.

I remember him getting shocked and it was just like in the cartoons, like when you see somebody getting shocked and their hair stands up and smoke comes out and all of that.

He didn’t think it was funny, but I thought it was really, really hilarious.’

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Anna Francis