But singer has changed


Will Young admits he was a bit of a diva when he first found fame.

The Pop Idol winner felt he had to take charge of everything to ensure his success.

‘I think I had a bit of an ego, then, which I’ve never really had. I got a bit self-important,’ says Will.

‘I controlled everything, and I drove myself potty. Budget meetings, marketing, I was in every single meeting that anyone was having about my career!

‘I stopped listening to other people, and I stopped being gracious for a time.’

Fortunately, Will, 30, soon realised his stroppy attitude was adversely affecting his career.

‘I’m over that now,’ he tells Telegraph Magazine. ‘And luckily, I’m still here. Because you can go off into weird la-la land, and that’s it. Your career goes.’

Preeti Das