Dance group Beat Brothers tap dance on this week's Britain's Got Talent

We do love a good dance group on Britain’s Got Talent – who doesn’t?! So when we heard that there were 5 good-looking boys auditioning to dance, we went straight to our sofas to take our seats.

The group, aged 19-23, consist of John, Jo, Stuart, Billy and Matt, are not like most other dance troops you usually see on Britain’s Got Talent. As they step onto the stage and tell the judges: ‘We’re here to tap for you today!’, Amanda doesn’t hold her excitement as she shouts ‘YES!’ and throws her arms up in the air.

The boys all work a variety of different jobs, including a bar man and a topless promoter. Oo-er.
Unsuprisingly, that last job was met by a wave of wooos’ from the audience, and David Walliams is a little bit intrigued.

‘So, what club will you be at on Saturday night?’ he asks while pretending to jot down notes. Oh David, you.

The music starts, the tapping begins, and both the audience and the judges seem to love it!

Good-looking boys dressed in suits, dancing – what’s not to love? AND there are glitter podiums.

We’re not the only ones who think they’re easy on the eye as Amanda Holden says: ‘Five good-looking boys. I thought it was brilliantly entertaining.’

Opposed to the usual dance groups on Britain’s Got Talent, who often do street dance, David Walliams finds it refreshing to see something different.

‘It’s great. It’s something I don’t think we’ve had on this show. Think you’ve got a lot of appeal guys,’ he says.

Despite singing the boys’ praises, David still wasn’t too sure about whether to pop the group through or not.

He stalls: ‘I’m 50/50. I really need to see the top off…’

We see what you did there David. Cheekyyy.

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