Former Hollyoaks star Gemma shared a snap of her swollen, food-incuded tummy on Twitter - and quickly confused her fans

We don’t know about you, but for us there are three things that make for a great holiday: sun, sea, and eating so much food you end up feeling a little sick.

That’s clearly the case for Gemma Atkinson, who appears to have been over-indulging whilst on holiday in Cuba.

And the Emmerdale star got more than she bargained for when she posted a picture of her ‘food baby’ on Twitter yesterday.

The super-fit star shared a snap of herself wearing a black and neon yellow bikini that revealed an unusually swollen belly.

Whilst at first glance it might look like the beginnings of a baby bump, Gem – who is wheat intolerant – was quick to point out that her rounded tum was in fact the result of a carb binge.

‘So I ate too much bread and I have a wheat intolerance…. Food baby on board!’ she posted, adding: ‘I look like I’ve eaten a spacehopper.’

She went on to reveal: ‘I usually avoid [wheat] but it was Italian night in the hotel last night so was “force fed” pasta & pizza.’

Which, incidentally, sounds like our idea of heaven. But anyway.

Given that Twitter doesn’t often concern itself with actually reading what’s been tweeted, some of her fans quickly jumped to the wrong conclusion.

One suspicious follower replied, ‘Or a real not made of food baby,’ whilst another posted: ‘Congratulations. The most beautiful woman expected a beautiful child. I’m very very happy to you. Big kiss.’

And so Gem once again whipped out her smartphone to nip the baby rumours in the bud.

Sharing another snap – this one showing off the super-toned bod we’re used to seeing from the former Hollyoaks star – she tweeted: ‘Defo is a food baby and not a real baby!!!! This was taken the same day!!! Bikini from I was joking.’

Let’s hope that it’s Unlimited Salad night at the hotel today, eh Gem?

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